GIS GIS embedded within ConnectMaster™

This module offers the following features:
  • Geographically display locations, pits, conduit, cables, radio links, joints and other equipment in a geospatial environment
  • Load local base maps and cadaster
  • Control visibility and presentation of geographical data in layers, and manage with the in-built layer controls
  • Navigate from GIS objects to the ConnectMaster™ detail forms
  • Use the GIS to identify start and end locations for find path searches
  • Display circuits paths and related objects directly onto the GIS
  • Identify geographical locations of OTDR fault traces
  • Thematically colour cables based on user-defined thresholds such as available capacity

Main Characteristics Using Oracle for the GIS data storage

Spatial Database Support

The Spatial Database Support module allows for Oracle Spatial Technologies to be used for GIS data storage. Using the Oracle for the GIS data storage has the following advantages:
  • Enables data export and import of the GIS data for backup and testing purposes
  • Improves multi-user capabilities of the GIS environment
  • Centralises Geographical data in an open format for use by other systems

ESRI Shape File Support

For customers that use an ESRI GIS system this module enables the use of ESRI shape files instead of MapInfo TAB files as the source of GIS data.

Bing/OSM Mapping and Geo Locating

This module utilises public web mapping services such as Bing and Open Street Maps for the background data in the GIS environment. Using this kind of data can be a more cost effective and efficient method for background imagery. This module includes:
  • Ability to bring Bing Maps and Open Street maps into the GIS environment as background layers
  • Includes a Bing Maps license for Aerial/Satellite imagery and road map views seen on standard Bing Maps web site
  • Includes a Bing Maps license for Geo Locating (Address searching) for finding public locations on the GIS

Key Features Providing exceptional value for operations, planning, design and sales’ teams

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