Engineering supporting Engineering companies to manage their own network

When telecommunications networks are part of your Engineering operations and services, it is critical that your network records are of a high quality to ensure business continuity. The ability to respond to faults quickly as well as analyse redundancies and network topology reduces the risks to that key business. ConnectMaster has all the features and functions required to operate a telecommunications network like a carrier at a price in line with the benefits received.

Benefits Empowering engineering companies to support their key business

Faster Response to Network Faults

Improve your networks Operations by quickly identifying service faults

Improve Customer Service

Predictive impact analysis for planned works and faults

Streamline Design

Automated design and engineering tools to design new networks

Troubleshooting and Capacity Planning

Provide relationship from service to infrastructure

Cases Studies Generating new customer’s success stories

Products Creating solutions for network inventory needs


Core Modules

ConnectMaster™ consist of 2 Core and 5 Expansion Modules allowing customers to choose the configuration that suites and not pay for functionality they do not require.

ConnectMaster™ is a modular system that is delivered as a complete package with the individual modules activated via the license key.

Key Features

Videos Contributing to optimise your network

Brochures Helping you to improve data quality and consistency

Data Sheet
FTTx Rapid Network Planner
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