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ConnectMaster™ Core Modules

ConnectMaster™ consist of 2 Core and 5 Expansion Modules allowing customers to choose the configuration that suites and not pay for functionality they do not require. ConnectMaster™ is a modular system that is delivered as a complete package with the individual modules activated via the license key.    

ConnectMaster™ Key Features

Benefits Empowering companies to achieve network inventory objectives

Improved Efficiency in Design

Providing all design and capacity data in one repository with tools to streamline the design process.

Faster response to Network Faults

Reducing downtime via a comprehensive view of the entire network topology to identify faulty components and tools to notify customers affected by faults.

Improved Customer Communication

Being able to confidently inform customers on the effect that planned works will have on their services prior to the work commencing

All in One Inventory Solution

Providing an integrated Telecommunications inventory system with seamless integration between the GIS, physical and logical layer within one product

Addressing the needs for each niche market Industries

Testimonial Helping companies to achieve their goals